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How does a membership in Boat Buyers Group benefit Boat Dealerships?

For a limited time, new boat dealer members receive additional promotion on at no 

additional cost! This is a $600 annual savings.  

Our goal for boat dealers is to:

  • increase profitability by providing a cost effective solution for promoting your inventory (new & used) and services

  • increase sales by providing additional exposure through website and social media accounts.

  • increase effective communication between Boat Dealers through our Boat Dealer Forum

  • provide the ability to offer a "Buy Now" option for all boats posted for sale by individual boat owners. 



Boat Dealers can save $600 when you make one single payment of $1,200 for the annual Boat Dealer Membership.
  • The ability to post new and used boats on Boat Buyers Group website. 

  • Access to boats posted for sale by general consumers

  • “The ability to offer a “Cash For Your Boat”  price* to a general consumer selling a boat.    *This price is subject to final inspection by the boat dealer.

  • Boat Dealer Forum - which allows you to connect electronically for communicating securely, privately with other boat dealers.
    For example: You can post in the forum you are in need of a specific boat. If another dealer has one available on their lot, the two of you can negotiate a deal to swap the boat or do a revenue share on the sale of the boat. 


Monthly Boat Dealer Membership is $150 per month for an annual cost of $1,800.
Compare our service and price to others
and save!

Another benefit with your Boat Dealer Membership is your Dealership Information will be listed on our sister website with a link to your website. 



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